EGHS Hosts Virtual Honors Night

by | Jun 4, 2020

Despite the pandemic, East Greenwich High School has found yet another way to honor the Class of 2020– this time through a YouTube premiere, coordinated by Dr. Heath, teachers, and community members. In the hour-long video, awards were distributed to members of both the junior and senior class.

Beginning with the book awards, several juniors and one senior were recognized for their academic, extracurricular, and community-minded efforts. Madeline Curnow kicked off the sequence by winning the Brandeis University book award, followed shortly by Liam Scott for Bryant and Olivia Nippe-Jenkins for George Washington. Jessica Caterson then took the Harvard University book award – an award that her sister also won in years prior. Holland Lopez then won the University of Rhode Island award, Rebecca Xu took the University of Virginia Club Jefferson one, and Sophia Patti rounded it out with the Yale University award.

Next came Department Awards. In the art department, Mrs. Munzert, Mrs. Agresti, and Ms. Roger honored Sophia Aigner, Maleela Hong, and Rylie Paull with the Senior Art Department awards. Kathleen Shields took home awards for excellence in Photography and Ceramics, while Vanessa Dimase received recognition for her work in Adobe Illustrator.

As for the Science Department, Jack Gecawich received the Rensselaer Medal for both mathematical and scientific excellence. Elizabeth Amelotte won the Science Department award, and Katie Huntley won the Bausch and Lomb award for her curiosity.

In the Music Department, both Sam Delong and Elizabeth Stitt were recognized for their efforts in band and orchestra. Eva Bianco and Tyler Caroppoli were recognized by the English Department. Jordan Kalinsky won the Pell Medal in history, and Chris Teng took home the Mario Regini Social Studies award.

The World Language Department recognized Jordan Kalinsky as the Junior Ambassador for World Languages, and then singled out Sophie Johnson, Claudia Smith, and Jack Holmgren for their efforts in French, Latin, and Spanish, respectively. The Math Department also took care to recognize multiple seniors, selecting Suraj Sait* for the Department Award. Andrew Babb was also recognized for excellence in computer science, and Morgan Prior was recognized for her efforts in both fields.

The Health and Business Departments also chimed in to wrap up the Departmental Awards. Mr. Downey selected Justin Chen and Sabrina Neimark as the recipients, and Mrs. Page took chose Jack Gecawich for the General Treasurer’s Leadership Award and Morgan Prior for the Financial Capability Award.

Of course, no ceremony is complete without Mr. Petrucci, who immediately took to announcing the Theater Awards. The Jim Metcalf Drama Award went to Noelle Salisbury and Jack Larson, while the Rhode Island Youth Theater Award went to Lily Mollicone. Also, Rylie Paull, Joe Kulik, and Alexandra Russo took home the Mike Hyde Tech Awards, while Caleb Gupta also received the Pit Orchestra Award. Not to mention both Matthew Tactacan and Catherine Zarrella, who both took home the Avenger Spotlight on Talent Awards. 

Progressing then into extracurricular awards and scholarships, Aiza Shaikh** took home the George Eastman’s Young Leader Award. Jack Holmgren won the Lieutenant Governor’s Leadership Award, while both David Amisadri and Olin Thompson received the Secretary of State’s Civic Leadership Award. 

Following those announcements, Mr. Heath announced Suraj Sait had been named a U.S. Presidential Scholar Semi-Finalist (1 of 621 in the nation), and also announced the Principal’s Awards for Academic Excellence, to Sait as valedictorian and Brant Wei as salutatorian. 

Then came a slew of scholarships. The East Greenwich Education Association Scholarships went to Leah Chace and Lauren McCrystal, and the Kathryn Austin/David Shaw Altruism Scholarship went to Jessie Imbriglio. Imbriglio also took home one of the IBPO Scholarships, along with Owen Hirshorn. As for National Merit, Ada Oancea, Andrew Babb, Chris Teng, and Suraj Sait were all announced as recipients. Maaike Calvin also took home the Leslie Mehlman Carpe Diem Scholarship, given to a student who best embodied the spirit of “Seize the day!” Several other students also won the Brian Steven Messier Scholarships – Caleb Gupta, Hannah Casper, Jessie Imbriglio, Eva Bianco, Owen Hirshorn, and Noelle Salisbury were all announced as recipients. The night wrapped up with the EGHS Rotary Scholarships going to Lauren McCrystal, Jessica McCoy, Eva Bianco, Jessie Imbriglio, Rylie Paull, Tyler Caroppoli, Emerson McEvoy, Allison Smith, and last but certainly not least, Anthony Purcell.

Congrats to all awardees! The entire ceremony can be seen below:

List of Honors:

  • Book Awards:
  • Brandeis – Madeline Curnow
  • Bryant – Liam Scott
  • George Washington – Olivia Nippe-Jenkins
  • Harvard – Jessica Caterson
  • Rhode Island College – Holland Lopez
  • University of Rhode Island – Jordan Kalinsky
  • University of Virginia Club Jefferson – Rebecca Xu
  • Yale University – Sophia Patti
  • Art Department Awards:
  • Senior: Sophia Aigner, Maleela Hong, Rylie Paull
  • W.B. Hunt Photography: Kathleen Shields
  • Adobe Illustrator Award: Vanessa DiMase
  • Excellent in Ceramics: Kathleen Shields
  • Science Awards:
  • Rensselaer Award: Jack G
  • Science Department Award: Elizabeth Amelotte
  • Bausch and Lomb: Kathleen Huntley
  • Music Department Award:
  • Sam Delong
  • Elizabeth Stitt
  • English Department Award
  • Seniors: Eva Bianco, Tyler Caroppoli
  • World Language:
  • Junior Ambassador: Jordan Kalinsky
  • Senior: Sophie Johnson in French, Claudia Smith in Latin, Jack Holmgren in Spanish
  • Social Studies:
  • Pell Medal: Jordan Kalinsky
  • Mario Regini Social Studies: Chris Teng
  • Mathematics:
  • Mathematics Department: Suraj Sait
  • Computer Science: Andy Babb
  • Diane Amelotte: Morgan Prior
  • Business:
  • RI General Treasurer: Jack Gecawich
  • Financial Capability Award: Morgan Prior
  • The Davis Family Health and PE Awards:
  • Female: Sabrina Neimark
  • Male: Justin Chen
  • Avenger Theater Awards:
  • Jim Metcalf Drama Award: Noelle Salisbury and Jack Larson
  • Rhode Island Youth Theater Award: Lily Mollicone
  • Mike Hyde Tech Awards: Rylie Paull, Joe Kulik, and Alexandra Russo
  • Pit Orchestra Award: Caleb Gupta
  • Avenger Spotlight on Talent Award: Matthew Tactacan and Catherine Zarrella
  • Leadership Award:
  • George Eastman Young Leaders Award: Aiza Shaikh
  • Lieutenant Governor’s Leadership Award: Jack Holmgren
  • Secretary of State’s Civic Leadership Award: David Amisadri and Olin Thompson
  • U.S. Presidential Scholar Semi-Finalist: Suraj Sait
  • Principal’s Awards for Academic Excellence:
  • Val: Suraj Sait
  • Sal: Brant Wei
  • EGEA Scholarships: Leah Chace and Lauren McCrystal
  • Kathryn David Altruism Scholarship: Jessie I.
  • IBPO Schlarships: Jessie I and Owen H
  • National Merit Scholarship Program:
  • Winner: Ada, Suraj, Andy, Chris
  • Leslie Mehlman Carpe Diem Scholarship: Maaike Calvin
  • Brian Steven Messier Scholarships:
  • Service to Others: Caleb Gupta
  • Personal Challenge: Hannah Casper
  • Service to Others: Jessica Imbriglio
  • Political Science/PSU: Eva Bianco
  • Personal Challenge: Owen Hirshorn
  • Study of Art/Music: Noelle Salisbury
  • EGHS Rotary Scholarships:
  • Lauren M, Jessica McCoy, Eva B, Jessica I, Rylie P, Tyler C, Lauren M, Emerson McEvoy, Allison Smith, Anthony Purcell


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Therese Vezeridis
June 4, 2020 6:22 pm

Congrats to all including families for their support. Continued success in your endeavors…


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