Top photo: Attempted catch by Avenger Andrew Plympton (41); despite what appeared to be interference, no penalty was called. 

Photos and text by Mary MacIntosh

Friday night’s 21-7 win by the EGHS Avenger football team over the Lincoln Lions advance their division record to 4-1. There was lively debate in the stands on both sides based on some of the calls by the officials. EG’s Junior Varsity team travels to Lincoln Monday, Columbus Day, at 1 p.m., while the varsity team will travel to Rogers in Newport next Friday, Oct. 12, for a game at 7 p.m.

Avenger Alex Guerzon (53) pressures Lion QB Randall Hien (9).

Teammates congratulate EG’s Kevin Licciardi (2) on touchdown.

Lincoln’s Noah Waite (76) sacks EG quarterback Conrad Swanson (11).

Avenger Jack McMullen (10) looks to get past Lion defense.