EG Write-In Votes Range From Mickey Mouse to Pope Francis

by | Nov 13, 2014

It turns out East Greenwich voters had a lot of ideas about potential office holders beyond those names that were on the ballot Election Day, especially for offices where there was only one candidate listed.

The highest number of write-in votes were for the state Representative Dist. 30 seat. Incumbent Anthony Giarrusso ran unopposed for the seat. He got 4,158 votes, but there were 77 write-ins too. Among those written in were Robert Healey and Gina Raimondo (both already on the ballot in the governor’s race), Mark Schwager (who ran for Town Council but ran against Giarrusso for the seat two years ago), TV personality Steven Colbert, actor Neil Patrick Harris, Rolling Stone Keith Richard, Harvey Milk (first openly gay public official in California who was assassinated in 1978), Santa Claus, Mickey Mouse and Daffy Duck.

The second highest number of write-ins came in the town moderator race, in which Chuck Barton ran unopposed. Barton got 4,138 votes, but there were 61 write-in votes. Robert Healey was a write-in again, as was Mickey Mouse. Other town moderator write-ins included Nellie Gorbea (on the ballot for secretary of state), Gene Valicenti (TV newsman and EG resident), James Patti (the incumbent town moderator who did not seek reelection), as well as such local notables as Norman Harris, Mason Rhodes and Lisa Sussman.

Robert Healey got yet another write-in vote for Town Council, a contest that offered eight of candidates for five seats. There were 37 write-ins in total, including one for “Bolton” (possibly for Bob Bolton, a Republican who lost in the GOP council primary in September) and one for GI Joe. A couple of people wrote in “none of the above.”

Voters were a bit more satisfied perhaps with the seven candidates for School Committee. There were 15 write ins, none famous.

For governor, voters cast ballots for candidates who lost in the primary – Democrat Clay Pell and Republican Ken Block, but Mickey Mouse got a vote there too.

Pope Francis got a write-in vote for lieutenant governor (why that position in particular we will probably never know), as did Mickey Mouse (yet again!) and his pal, Donald Duck.

Buddy Cianci (on the ballot for mayor in Providence, but also a two-time felon as well as former assistant attorney general) got a vote for attorney general and New England Patriots QB Tom Brady got a vote for general treasurer.

To see how East Greenwich voted, you’ll find the results on the state Board of Elections website here. And, for all the EG News election coverage, click here.

Here are all the write ins, as reported by the Town Canvasser. Maybe you’ll recognize a name or too!:

Town Moderator write in votes:

Robert Healey

Jodi Macauley

Alex Christie

Steve Whitney

Charles Hinman

Margaret Lebovitz

Mickey Mouse

Nellie Gorbea

Jody Sceery

Lee Cresser

Norman Harris

Erin Lynch

Linda Lavin

Stephen DeLisle

Ben Shapiro

Neal McNamara


Mason Rhodes

David Appleton

Michael Courry

Lee Cresser

Ryan Fay

Ian Sutcliffe

Donna Monroe

Tony DeSpirito

Squiggly Line

Steve Medeiros

Gene Valicenti

Lisa Sussman

Kill Joy

James Patti

Town Council

Robert Healey

Nicole Nowak

Rita Nowak

Raoul Duke or Doke

Peter Kasyn

Bob Bolton

Neal McNamara

David Appleton

None of the above

Adam Cresser

Phoebe Cresser




Patricia Fowler

Ryan Fay

Greg Pezza

Kill Joy

GI Joe

School Committee

Jill Leary

Wendy Fachon

Stephen Nowak

Chris Roy



US Representative, Dist. 2

Mike Zarella

Razea Odeh

Steve Botwick

Louis Sardelli

John Healy

Eugenia Marks

Bethany Warburton

Noreen McGeary

Stephen Skoly


Anne Armstrony

Clay Pell

Mickey Mouse

Adam Satchell

Ken Block

Lt. Governor

Max Trutza

Mickey Mouse

Rick Rusack

Maxine Walker

George Trutza

Donald Duck

Jerome Howard

None of the Above

Pope Francis

Nick Gorham

Oliver Patchano

Michael R Archambault

Secretary of State

Neil Fradin

Maurine Howard

None of the Above

Kevin J. Iannuccilli

Attorney General

Edward Mulligan

Buddy Cianci

Gen. Treasurer

David Bolton

None of the Above

Tom Brady

Steve King

Clay Pell

State Representative Dist. 30

Robert Healey

Jason Eaton

T. Guido

Alex Christie

Steve Whitney

Louis Sardelli

Alyx Healy


Thomas DeSanta

Ken MacDonald

Nhu Hang

Sally Cressar

Sharon Hazard

Santa Claus

Gina Raimondo

Linda Lavin

Carolyn Mark

Stephen deLisle

Ben Shapiro

Lawrence Fine

Mark Schwager

Virginia Lee Stilphen

None of the above

Jeff Francis

Monteque Cresser

Michelle Dee

Matt Brothers

Steven Colbert


Tony Jones

Maya Barnes

Mickey Mouse

Hank Lesperance

Jillian Sullivan

Rebecca Bliss

Jim Cunningham


Harvey Milk

Daffy Duck

Neil Patrick Harris

Bob Watson

Jim Burbridge

Donna Monroe

Tony DeSpirito

Bruce Sunderland

Gene Valicenti

Anyone else

Keith Richards

Gucci Main

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November 15, 2014 7:44 am

Who were the write in candidates for school committee? Such a mystery, would love to know!


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