EG Police Reports: Gas Station Cocaine, Cop Car Crash

by | Jun 30, 2014


These reports come from the East Greenwich Police Department and are public information. An arrest does not mean the individual has been convicted of a crime.

Monday, June 16

10:30 p.m. – Police towed a car parked in a no-parking zone on Carrs Pond Road at Middle Road.

Wednesday, June 18

9:57 a.m. – Police went to a house at 1370 Middle Road because of a burglar alarm going off. They found a broken rear porch window and a rear door had been forced open. No one was home. The owner was contacted. It was unclear if someone got inside or when the window was broken – if perhaps the alarm scared off any potential intruder. Nothing was missing from the house.

6:47 p.m. – At the East Greenwich Housing Authority’s request, the police issued no-trespass orders to four people who were visiting and staying with a resident of the EGHA property on Long Street. Complaints against the individuals included excessive noise to possibly taking advantage of the resident, who is 73.

6:58 p.m. – Police arrested a Central Falls man, 31, on a 6th District Court bench warrant after he was stopped for running a red light on Main Street. Routine checks turned up the warrant. He was processed at the station and taken to the Adult Correctional Institutions.

Thursday, June 19

An East Greenwich woman told police she saw her neighbor come into her yard and pull a wire off a spark plug on her generator June 7. The generator had to be replaced and she has since installed a security camera on her property. She asked that the incident be documented but did not want to talk to the neighbor about the incident because of ongoing neighbor problems.

Friday, June 20

3:41 p.m. – An employee of Cumberland Farms, 5687 Post Road, told police a customer found a bag of what later tested positive for cocaine in the parking lot by pump 1. It was unclear how long the bag had been sitting there. Police seized it and found, in addition to the cocaine, several chopped up pills with “TV” on one side and “58” on the other. Initial research showed the pills could be Tramadol, a pain killer.

Saturday, June 21

12:07 a.m. – An East Greenwich man told police his sister and brother were stealing things from their mother’s house. His sister is living in the house and the mother’s legal guardian so police said it was a civil matter. But police did go to the house, where they met with the EG man’s brother as he was removing some furniture and appliances from the house. He acknowledged they had been having “family problems” ever since their mother went into a retirement home. The son left the house without incident.

11 a.m. – A Forest Lane resident told police someone egged his garage door and driveway sometime overnight and that it was the second time this had happened. The first time they did not report it. The resident said he would like to press charges if the perpetrator was caught.

3:38 p.m. – An employee of Cumberland Farms, 3323 South County Trail, told police a woman came into the store making threats against her. The employee said this wasn’t the first time she’s had problems with this woman. Police visited the woman, who lives in EG, but she denied making threats and said she hadn’t been loud or disruptive while at the store. Because of the conflicting stories, police arranged to meet with the store manager to learn her reasons for wanting a no-trespass order issued.

8:35 p.m. – An EG woman told police she believed her ex-boyfriend, with whom there’s a no-contact order, has been trying to reach her from prison via an inmate collect-call service. The woman played a voicemail from the automated system, but the message did not identify who was calling. She said she feared for her safety from the man.

9:25 p.m. – Police arrested an East Greenwich man, 37, for simple assault, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest, following an incident at his girlfriend’s apartment. A woman told police she wanted them to check on her step-grandchildren because they had been left outside of their apartment while their mother was asleep inside and the door was locked. The children, 12 and 14, told police they had been outside to avoid their mother and her boyfriend, who was also inside. Police talked to the mother, who appeared to be very drunk and had difficultly focusing. The boyfriend was very agitated and said he’d just been released from the ACI. When police asked what he’d been in for, the man started swearing at the officers and flipping them off. The grandmother was allowed to take the children for the night and police questioned the mother, who couldn’t explain why the children were outside and the door was locked. She became upset and called to her boyfriend (who had been persuaded to go upstairs) to come help her. A struggle ensued, in which the boyfriend tried to hit one of the officers and kept struggling even after the officers told him repeatedly to stop fighting and resisting. One of the officers then hit the man with four “open plan strikes” to his back and the other officer kneed the man three times in his right side. The man was forced prone and finally stopped resisting once one handcuffed was on his wrist. Police took him into custody and he apologized at the station, saying it was the alcohol that made him act like that. After he was processed, the man requested medical attention so he was taken to Kent Hospital by rescue. Police contacted DCYF about the incident.

Sunday, June 22

12:20 a.m. – Police arrested a Warwick man, 32, for driving while intoxicated after he ran into a police car on Water Street. When police asked the driver to get out of the car, the driver was very unsteady on his feel and smelled strongly of alcohol. He admitted to drinking but didn’t know how much he’d had and said he was on his way home from Blu. He agreed to take field sobriety tests, which he failed. During a search of the man, police found a bachelor party invitation for Saturday night at 6 p.m. When police asked if he’d been at a bachelor party, the man said, “Oh, yeah, good time.” At the station, the man refused to take a blood alcohol breath test, so he was issued a traffic tribunal summons along with the district court DUI summons. He was released to a friend.

7:14 p.m. – Police arrested a West Kingston man, 35, on three bench warrants and for driving with an expired license after he was stopped on his motorcycle on Main Street for speeding and other infractions. One of the warrants was from Superior Court and mandated he be held without bail, so he was taken to the ACI after processing at EGPD.

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