EG Poetry #7: Cats, Love & Cats in Love

by | Apr 27, 2020

EG News, in partnership with EG Friends of the Library in honor of National Poetry Month presents EG Poetry! We asked readers to submit original poems (10 lines or fewer) that we are sharing here, on the Friends of the Library Facebook page and, soon, around town. Find out more HERE. Find more from this series HERE.

My Day 

My Best Friend and I are content in our way.
In the morning we eat, then I sleep all day. 

In the evening we eat, then I run & play.
She reads and I rest, but near her I stay. 

Our bedtime is special; she hides treats away.
I find them & eat them, and that ends my day. 

Time goes by quickly, in much the same way,
But we are a twosome, and I like it that way. Meow! Meow! 

– Destiny, the Cat (and Sandra Norris) 


Sometimes it’s mighty like a gushing waterfall;
Sometimes it’s gentle like a summer breeze.
Love is like a diamond and whether polished or rough,
It is a precious gem.
To have it, feel it, live it in its many facets,
Touches my heart joyfully and my soul deeply.
My days are adventures when my love’s by my side.
I smile at him; he smiles at me. Our eyes reflect our love.
Life is the dance we do; love is the song we sing. 

– Sandra Norris 

Kay and Ray 

There once was a kitty named Kay
Who had a cute boyfriend named Ray
But Alas, when they kissed
It’s a shame that they missed
‘Cuz their whiskers would get in the way 

– Sandra Norris 

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Mary Welch
Mary Welch
April 28, 2020 2:27 pm

Beautiful work, Sandra Norris.
A pleasure to read.

Arthur Mark
Arthur Mark
April 29, 2020 2:09 am

Sandy, your poetry is froth with joy and love. Irresistible .

Paulette Miller
Paulette Miller
May 1, 2020 9:02 am

Love the poems! Thanks, Friends East Greenwich Free Library and East Greenwich News for building a stage for the poets. Reading these short verses is a wonderful break from the news of the day. I hope EG News will continue to add a poem or two, even when the EG Poetry! project ends.


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