EG Poetry! #5: ‘Ode to Parmesan,’ ‘Seasons’ & ‘Good Friday 2020’

by | Apr 22, 2020

EG News, in partnership with EG Friends of the Library in honor of National Poetry Month presents EG Poetry! We asked readers to submit original poems (10 lines or fewer) that we are sharing here, on the Friends of the Library Facebook page and, soon, around town. Find out more HERE. Here are poems from two writers, Nina Suellentrop and Mary Welch. Find more from this series HERE.

An Ode to Parmesan

I think I shall never see a cheese more lovely than thee.
You fall like snow, thick and fast, and coat my food in soft white grass.
I wish that everyone could see the glory of this cheese.
Maybe this poem will convince those who scorn and ridicule you as a mere topping?
Oh cheese of glory, oh cheese of might!
You make me laugh with delight.
You make me smile, jump for joy
And this is why I say that every girl and boy should know about this heavenly cheese.


As the year begins, yesterday is thrown away in hope for a new chance at life.
And we marvel at the beauty of it all.
Spring, with her budding leaves, blooming flowers and April showers,
Summer with a fiery sun and raging heat,
Fall in his cloak of colors,
And serene winter with gentle but deadly beauty
Then, too soon, the year is gone
And you are left with only thought.

– Nina Suellentrop, age 9 years

Good Friday 2020 

What does hope look like?
Here’s what I think:
Royal purple pansies
And sunny daffadowndillies
Set in my doorway
Amidst flimsy mousy brown grocery bags
Chock full of other kinds of life support
Food for the body
Food for the soul
A Good Friday delivery
By a masked angel driving an electric-blue Jeep

– Mary Welch 


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