Every year for the past six years,  Hannah (16) and Callan (13) Harris have invited a bunch of friends over and together they make dozens of valentines. When they are finished, they pack up and head – this year anyway – to the Green House Homes at St. Elizabeth’s to spread a little Valentine’s love.

Where the Valentine’s magic happens.

This year, the girls made 170 valentines.

While the girls delivered them, one resident sang them a song and another regaled the girls with stories of his 8th grade dance where he met his sweetheart. A third promised to do something nice for the girls if they would please return next week.
George, the man to the left, told the girls, “Well, I don’t know any of your names, but I sure know you’re girls! Thank you for the sweet Valentine!”
“It brings so much joy to the older folks and to the kids,” said Kerry Sweeney, Hannah and Callan’s mom.

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