EG Gymnastics: 3 Students Compete

by | Jan 30, 2024

Above: The EG gymnasts, in marroon, are competing as individuals because the high school doesn’t have a team. Photo by Chuck Nadeau

East Greenwich High School offers a number of sports teams but, at least currently, gymnastics is not among them. Thanks to some flexibility on the state and local level and a coach from South Kingstown, EG’s three gymnasts are able to compete this year as individuals, together with three gymnasts from North Kingstown and one from Burrillville.

They are coached by Sue Paul, who runs a gymnastics gym in South Kingstown and is coaching the SK team as well. Paul was planning to help out the EG girls then learned that the NK coach had left and had not been replaced. Only three students can compete as individuals per school. They don’t practice together – these gymnasts each have their own private gyms where they compete year round – but Paul has helped them adapt to the school competition, where rules are a little different.

“I didn’t want to see these athletes shut out,” said Paul. “When you’re a gymnast and you compete for a private club, you don’t get wide recognition. I think it’s great to be a part of your school.” 

EG athletes are Charleigh Barone and Olivia Ruth, both freshmen, and Leah Walker, a sophomore. 

“They are a really cute group of kids,” said Paul. “They are hard working and fun.”

EGHS gymnastics, from left, Leah Walker, Olivia Ruth and Charleigh Barone. Photo by Chuck Nadeau

Leah Walker on the bars. Photo by Chuck Nadeau

Charleigh Barone. Photo by Chuck Nadeau


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Chuck Nadeau
Chuck Nadeau
January 31, 2024 6:25 am

I hope that the school will recognize that they are representing the school and at least offer them uniforms and sweats.

My kudos to Coach Paul. For the whole time I was snapping pictures, I never saw her stop. She didn’t want to be in the shot with the EG girls. She said this was their time.

Gerard Ratigan
Gerard Ratigan
January 31, 2024 8:17 am

Seeing that the girls are freshmen and a sophmore, I hope they get an opportunity to compete as a team instead of as individuals before they graduate. It’s a shame EGHS has athletes that want to compete as a team but can’t. And others who may want to compete now or in the future are shut out.

February 4, 2024 12:18 pm

I agree that it would be great if the school could support a gymnastics team, but with budgets and rising costs, lower participation rate sports like this are the most at risk (of being cut if they already exist, and challenging to add if they don’t). I would be supportive of a nominal increase in property taxes to fund this and other more niche sports (and other activities as well). But we would need wide community support and some means of ensuring any increase goes specifically toward that, and can’t be co-opted for other purposes.


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