Crestridge House Fire Sends Firefighter to Hospital

by | Jul 10, 2022

Above: Capt. Tom Bailey gets some cold water from neighbor Haven Knapp during a break from a house fire on Crestridge Drive Saturday, July 9. Credit: Tim Cure

No one was home when a neighbor noticed smoke at the roofline Saturday morning.

Firefighters put out a fire at 25 Crestridge Drive Saturday. No one was home at the time of the fire, but one EG firefighter was hospitalized for heat exhaustion. 

According to EGFD Capt. Tom Bailey, it was fortunate the weather wasn’t hotter but 80 degrees was still plenty hot when dealing with a structure fire. The firefighter spent Saturday night in the hospital; he was able to go home Sunday, Bailey said.

It had already been a busy morning for the EG Fire Department when a call came in to dispatch about a possible house fire on Crestridge Drive. Both rescue trucks were busy, and both engines were out on other calls, but according to Bailey, the dispatcher sensed this was a legit structure fire and got busy finding help. 

Bailey was with Engine 1, just leaving another call. The two-man Engine 1 team headed over to Crestridge and could see smoke coming from the roofline. Engine 2 arrived a few minutes later – a key development since no one could enter the building until there was at least one other firefighter on hand. 

There was heavy smoke at the eaves of the single family ranch but it was difficult to tell just where the fire had started – the first floor or the basement. 

“It was a really tricky fire,” said Bailey. “We had to get it from the first floor and the basement…. We were fortunate no one went through the floor because it was burned through.”

Bailey credited NKFD for the mutual aid it provided, including three engines, a ladder truck and a rescue. 

Because the EG rescues were on other calls, a rescue truck from West Warwick FD took the EG firefighter to the hospital.

Bailey credited the neighbor who reported the fire – they relayed critical information to dispatcher Patrick Sullivan that the front door was warm to the touch – and Sullivan’s fast response. 

“Dispatcher Patrick Sullivan did an astounding job made some smart decisions early on getting mutual aid, given the fact our rescues were not available right away,” said Bailey.

Among the EG firefighters who helped out Saturday were Lt. Bill Purcell and Lt. Ryan Grady, and firefighters Kevin King, Dan Andrade, Matt Mascariote, and Shane Newton (Newton is just out of the EGFD “academy,” so this was his first fire).

Bailey also said EG police did a “stellar” job – they were first on scene and helped keep firefighters hydrated while they worked the fire. In addition, a couple of youths from the neighborhood stepped up to provide water to firefighters. 

“As we were coming out [of the house], there was an EG police officer and a couple of neighborhood boys helping us get hydrated,” said Bailey. “I was glad to see them when I came out.” 

Providence Canteen also was on the scene, providing beverages and cold towels for the firefighters to help them cool down. 

The house, with extensive smoke, water and fire damage, is not habitable. EG Fire Marshal Stephen Hughes and someone from the state fire marshal’s office were at the scene but as of Sunday no cause had been identified.

NK Battalion Chief Robert Paterson a flashlight to check the interior. Credit: Tim Cure

Matt Mascariote gets a rest while working the Crestridge fire. Credit: Tim Cure

EGPD’s Matt Cipriano with EGFD Probationary Firefighter Shane Newtonoffers a helping hand. Credit: Tim Cure

Water, anyone? Haven Knapp helps out at the fire. Credit: Tim Cure

Matt Mascariote, ready to go in. Credit: Tim Cure

Lincoln Knapp, right, fills cups with water from the Providence Canteen truck, ready to pass them to his brother, Haven. The brothers live in the neighborhood. Credit: Tim Cure

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Katie Silberman
Katie Silberman
July 11, 2022 5:35 am

As neighbors to the house on fire, we’re so grateful for the incredible response from EG Fire, EG Police and many first responders from neighboring towns, and so glad our neighbors are okay.

Those are my sons helping to carry drinks to the firefighters from the Providence canteen truck, along with another neighbor.

Julie PickeL
Julie PickeL
July 11, 2022 9:54 am

Very sorry to hear about the fire and hope the family has support during the cleanup and after. Katie you have done a great job raising those boys and kudos to the other child who helped pass out water. We don’t see enough of the good things kids do today.

Thomas Bailey
Thomas Bailey
July 12, 2022 10:08 am

Good morning, Mrs. Silberman.
After talking with the crews that worked the Crestridge fire, we would like to show our appreciation for Lincoln and Haven’s actions. We feel in this day and age it is important to commend people who display compassion and kindness for others. If you and the boys are interested, please reach out to EGFD Station 1 for details. You can ask for me. From all of us here at the department, thank you!

Katie silberman
Katie silberman
July 12, 2022 1:36 pm
Reply to  Thomas Bailey

That is beyond generous, thank you! I will call.

Beth collins
Beth collins
July 11, 2022 7:52 am

Thank you the EG FD for all they do every day to keep all safe! Tom Bailey is an amazing man and firefighter and dad! So glad he is okay! It takes a team, thank you Bill Purcell, Ryan Grady, Kevin King, Dan Andrade, Matt Mascariote and Shane Newton!

Gene W
Gene W
July 11, 2022 10:20 am

We are so fortunate to have incredibly dedicated first-responders!

Katie Silberman
Katie Silberman
July 11, 2022 10:50 am

Thank you Julie. Our neighbors do seem to be supported and are doing okay, but it is definitely a tough situation.

Michelle Booth
Michelle Booth
July 11, 2022 12:35 pm

Bring raised as a fireman’s daughter (in Iowa in the 60’s) I am well aware of how dangerous house fires can be to residents, neighbors, property, and the brave firefighters.

What a lovely gesture that Lincoln & Haven Knapp provided, giving the firefighters lifesaving sustenance to keep them hydrated and renew their energy. A wonderful display of both kindness & respect! ❤️


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