We want your poems! East Greenwich poets of all ages invited. 

To celebrate our own East Greenwich Poetry Month, the Friends of East Greenwich Free Library has teamed up with East Greenwich News and created EG Poetry! – days of poetry-related activities that showcase the power of poetry to engage residents, enrich lives, and build community. Join us!

  1. Submit up to 3 original poems to friendseglibrary@gmail.com by April 17 with EG Poetry! 2020 in the subject line. Poems can take any form (haiku, limerick, prose), but must be family friendly and no longer than 10 lines. For outdoor posting and easy reading, we’ll be printing in 18pt on 5×7″ sheets.
  2. EG Poetry! Scavenger Hunt (self-led walking tour): Starting April 22, up to 20 of the submitted poems will be hidden in full view around the EG Hill and Harbor area. A  map of the poems can be found at East Greenwich News https://eastgreenwichnews.com/ and Friends East Greenwich Free Library https://www.facebook.com/Friends-East-Greenwich-Free-Library-294359067245240/. Take a walk*, find the poems, match the poet’s name with the correct spot on the map, and send your list of found poets with map codes to friendseglibrary@gmail.com. You will be entered for a chance to win EG Poetry! Scavenger Hunt Free Raffle.
  3. EG Poetry! Poems will also be printed in East Greenwich News https://eastgreenwichnews.com/ and Friends East


    Greenwich Free Library https://www.facebook.com/Friends-East-Greenwich-Free-Library-294359067245240/ for indoor reading pleasure.

  4. Read East Greenwich News https://eastgreenwichnews.com/ for more upcoming EG Poetry! events.

Poetry can enhance our well-being, our community, and our environment. It has the power to heal, inspire, provoke, challenge and offer hope. Let’s celebrate East Greenwich Poetry Month together! Send in your poem today!

*Please adhere to the current RIDOH recommendations.