Bunny’s Pool Room: The Answers

by | Apr 17, 2015

billiard_conceptBy George Reed

Here are the answers to last week’s “So, Think You Know E.G.?” quiz on Bunny’s Pool Room. Missed it? Find the post here.

1. Where was Bunny’s Pool Room? 

4 King Street, the home of Main Street Music today. 

2. Where was Bunny’s original location? Hint, it was on the second floor of a building on Main Street.

148 Main Street, the site of Raku Sakura now.

3. What was Bunny’s real name?

Harold Swann

4. Bunny and his wife resided in a fine residence on _______ Street, at the corner of ______ Street.

The couple lived on Marion Street at the corner of Melrose Street, just a couple blocks away from the pool room.

5. How old would a lad have to be to take the rite of passage across Bunny’s threshold and play pool?


6. Who were the four high school lassies who, in 1967, walked in – much to Bunny’s amusement – and shot pool? Hint: here are the first letters of their last names: ______ R____, _____ J______, _____ D____, and ______ C_____.

Bertie Reed Ducker (my sister!), Cathy Johnson, Cathy Duffy, and Debbie Carter.

7. What six quick steps would Bunny do to any table in order to play three-cushion billiards?

Bunny would install six hard rubber with green felt inserts. The inserts fit perfectly and transformed the table instantly.

8. How many regulation-size tables did Bunny have (no ridiculous-size tables here)?


9. How much was it to shoot a rack?   __¢


10. Who was Bunny’s right-hand man, the man who would substitute for Bun occasionally? Hint: his initials are G_____ T_____ and the last letter of his last name was “s”.

George Tibbits

11. Bunny’s Pool Room was open from around 1930 to until when? What a run, Bun!

Circa 1972. I was serving in the military in Germany so I don’t have the exact date. 

Author George Reed grew up in East Greenwich and was one of those lucky high schoolers who spent many a weekend night at Benny’s Pool Room.


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