Above: Woonsocket’s MVP Emmanuel Gomes (27) outruns EG defense: Levon Dakessian (60), Joseph Allen (3), and Jack Matus (82).

Photos by Mary MacIntosh

The Avengers near-perfect football season came to an end at Cranston Stadium Sunday with a loss to the Woonsocket Villa Novans, 37-13, in the DII State Championship. While it was a tough day for the Avengers, for Novan Emmanuel Gomes, who was named the game’s MVP, it meant something extra. His mother died of a heart attack while in the stands during a game earlier in the season.

The win, he said, “It’s for my mom.”

Thanks to the Avengers for a great season and to Mary MacIntosh for sharing her photos each week!

Quarterback Conrad Swanson.

Young Avenger fan cheers the team.

The stands were full with enthusiastic fans.

Woonsocket fumbles the ball, but eventually recovers it.

One of 2 Avenger Touchdowns: QB Conrad Swanson (11) scores.

Leaping catch by Jack McMullen (10).

Jack Holmgren’s (51) diving tackle of Dwayne Robinson-O’Hagan (13).

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