Ain’t That the Truth

by | Aug 31, 2018

By Bob Houghtaling

To Whom it May Concern,

Contrary to comments recently made there is something known as the truth. In addition, the pursuit of it matters. While some might argue that truth is merely perception they are confusing the honesty of perception. There is a huge difference between someone honestly perceiving something and inserting an opinion designed to create truths that serve the beholder. Finally, honest viewers have a compacity to change opinion when more information is presented.

In short, for we humans, truth is intellectual honesty. Or should be. By that I mean – an honest attempt to gather available information and then make the best determination possible. While all of us have the right to our opinion – not all opinions are equal. Statements like “what you see is not what’s happening” and “the truth is not the truth” are designed to obfuscate the pursuit of intellectual honesty. Why we fall for these is sad.

We often hear of “speaking truth to power.” It appears now that power has an upper hand because we have allowed the truth to become perception, opinion and something to be ignored. For this to change we all must value facts and the process of gaining them. Sometimes this might result in a little acrimony along the way – but, seeing things as they are is enlightenment, seeing them as one wants is delusion. It is a shame that power can, at times, confuse what is truth. It is up to those who value the integrity of truthful pursuits to be guardians of what’s real.

Presently, we have some leaders who have difficulty with the truth. That doesn’t let any party off the hook–lest we forget “it all depends on what the definition of is, is”. Come on! These are like the arguments espoused by teenagers caught smoking in their garage. They are immature, embarrassing and designed to confuse.

Moving forward, let’s hope that truth can make a comeback. It is imperative that adults model behavior that serves young people well. Today this is in question. Cultures break down when we can’t communicate. The truth matters. See you soon.

Bob Houghtaling was a former high school basketball player who enjoys reading and had a nice summer.


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