Addiction’s Journey

by | Feb 20, 2020

By Bob Houghtaling

The allure of using drugs can be powerful. “Friends” calling you like sirens, with promises that lead to the rocks, but that seem, at first, so innocent. All too often a simple journey ends up taking tragic turns. “The Sea” is a story of a voyage that promises the world yet delivers something else. 

The Sea

The boat sailed
With port still near
Many shouted goodbye
But I did not hear
The waves soon came
And the ocean free
Brought an emptiness
I did not see

A black flag
Once long a veil
Now has pirated
This ship at sail
Whose souls aboard
Have hearts of steel
It was there before me
But I did not feel

Now it’s late
For all can tell
The air’s full of salt
But I did not smell
So often thinking
If life is a waste
It’s bittersweet
That I doth taste

Miles of undulations
Will rise to a crest
Enhancing the despair
That beats in my chest
Still each beckoning swell
Makes these limbs tense
For salvation is found
Beyond any sense

An ocean before
One also behind
The glare of this desert
Has left me half blind
Threats of a tempest
Are at cabin’s door
Now I pray for a lifeboat
To take me to shore

Nobody sets out to become an addict. There are many variables involved. Even though we have come a long way in reducing the stigma often attached to drug addiction, there is much more to do. 

In a culture that offers many mixed messages about drug use (including alcohol) it is important to have information and resources on hand. Too many still embark on addiction’s journey, one that includes social and spiritual dynamics (not merely the physical). 

In conclusion, counseling and medical services are important components of recovery. Also, groups like NA/AA provide powerful support. If you desire additional information please feel free to give me a call at 401-230-2246 or email [email protected]

Bob Houghtaling is the Director of the East Greenwich Drug Program.

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