A Poem For Softball’s Seniors

by | Jun 13, 2014

Parent Barbara DeFusco read this poem at Senior Night for the EGHS Girls Softball team two weeks ago. On Thursday, June 12, the Avengers – with these six now-graduated seniors playing together one last time – won the Division II state championship. Congratulations to the team and thanks for sharing this poem, Barbara! 

Written for Jackie, Kyra, Brooke, Rachel, Hannah & Becca.

Six little girls, with their cute little curls

stepped on a field the first time.

The balls rolled under their legs,

and they swung metal pegs

listening to Mom & Dad as they chimed

(but all they could hear was Mrs. DeFusco)


Coach Doug paced by the fence,

picked them up when they tensed

the bubble gum flowed by the tons;

They got close to the States,

Oh how painful their fate,

But the girls smiled as they had so much fun.


Onto Cole they did go,

Hannah pitching the show

They came close but could not capture the crown.

Then to travel they went

their whole summers they lent

to practice and traveling around.


High school, WHAT A TEAM!

Two championships! Coach P never dreamed

he would coach such talented jewels.

Who knew way back when

These girls together, a ten

Would develop such amazing tools.


Season 3 started off great.

Hannah rejoined, but too late,

to win the states three in a row.

They were not taken off track,

Season 4 brought us Black.

For games she won with her throw.

Ray Ray and Brooke the outfield,

Jackie and Hannah, infield steel

Becca and Kyra handling the plate.

They fight hard for their wins,

That will bring us to grins,

to bring another win home from the States.


Coach P. thanks for your hours given

Selflessly driven

to take this team to new heights.

Never imagining greatness,

these six girls and their gracious

teammates, all great in their own rights.


I must personally say

Doug, thank you, a great day

when you rejoined our girls in high school.

They love having you near

Your presence and great cheer

They will all miss you. You are SUPER COOL!

(Best I could do on short notice)


Who could forget about Amy

Taking pictures like crazy

of the girls from kids to adults.

Mike, we can’t forget you,

Beltone’s support and all that you do,

to help them bring great results.


To the parents of these girls,

My memories are all pearls,

Great times I’ve shared with you all.

Sorry if I was too loud,

It’s only cuz I am so proud

Of these six little girls who play such great ball.


We are sad to move on

from the times that are gone

But our memories blaze fiercely in mind.

Kyra, Becca and Brooke

Jackie, Ray, Hanna, take a good look.

Of your futures you are off to find.


I love you all.  Thank you for the memories.

Read about the final game here.

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