8 Candidates Vie For 5 Town Council Seats

by | Oct 29, 2014

Eight candidates – five Republicans, two Democrats and one independent – are hoping to earn a place on the East Greenwich Town Council on Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 4.

Town Council terms last two years. The current Town Council is made up of five men, all Republicans.

Here are links to profiles of all eight Town Council candidates:

Suzanne (Sue) Cienki

Eugene (Gene) Dumas

Edward Field

Michael Isaacs

Mark Schwager

Bill Stone

Sean Todd

Robert Vespia

You can also watch segments of the EG News Candidates Forum featuring all eight council candidates that took place Oct. 16 at New England Tech by visiting the EG News youtube channel here.

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October 29, 2014 8:13 am

GREAT job regarding candidate’s profiles.!

Also, excellent photos…..

Carl I. Hoyer

November 3, 2014 4:47 pm

Pay Attention East Greenwich Voters-
Review the candidates credentials very carefully. There are some very good candidates. However, with respect to Mr. Vespia, his cavalier attitude as shown in his candidate interview does not wash. Here are some facts:
1. Mr. Vespia has been awarded a disability claim in excess of 2 million dollars for a shoulder injury, which is far in excess of similar claims for both firefighters and non firefighters. Mr. Vespia could not have been assigned another less physically demanding position in the department that would have saved taxpayers this financial burden?
2. Despite his claim to the contrary, Mr. Vespia would need to recuse himself from voting on any matters related to the EG Fire Dept., and also any business related to the EG Town Hall and or its employees, as his wife not only works in the Town Clerk’s Office, but also heads up the Board of Canvassers for the Town. All definite conflicts of interest that should make voters think twice about voting for a candidate that cannot participate in all matters related to the Town.
3. As stated in his interview, Mr. Vespia is part of a lawsuit against the Town of EG regarding a change to the Town health benefits. How can voters cast their vote for a candidate who is suing the Town he is supposed to be representing?
4. No rational person can argue with a physically disabled person utilizing designated handicapped parking spots. But, it has been noted on many occasions the one handicapped parking spot for the Town Hall has been occupied by Mr. Vespia. Let us hope someone deserving of that spot with a disability a little more important than a shoulder injury has not been left to walk a greater distance because of this callous and all telling behavior.

East Greenwich voters have some good choices this election. These four stated facts should demonstrate that Mr. Vespia should not be considered one of them and worthy of your vote.

looking out for the underdog
looking out for the underdog
November 5, 2014 7:56 am

First of all I would like to give credit where it is due. Congratulation. to all of the winners yesterday. Now for more important topic. Mr./Mrs. “voter watchdog” you should’nt speak on the “facts” you think you have on Mr. Vespia. As for your first “fact”, If he received a 2 million dollar settlement do you think his wife would still be working as much as she does. Ill answer it for you…. no she wouldn’t. Also you have the nerve to speak of why he has a disability pass for his vehicle. Are you his doctor? Do you know for a “fact” that that is his only injury. Yes, it may be the only one he received from working for the fire department however unless you have his medical record sitting in front of you I am pretty sure it is not accurate speaking about that topic.
The fact that because you think you know the “facts” about Mr. Vespia doesn’t mean you should degrade him in front of the voters in this town. He is a great man, who cares about the town he lives in along with the people in it.
So next time before you decide to hide behind a fictitious name I would suggest doing a little more research on those “facts” you think you have about someone. Take a good look in the mirror “voter Watchdog” he has probably done more for this this town then you will ever do.
He would have been a great addition to the town council.


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