2 Dead After 3 Overdose at EG Residence 

by | Nov 17, 2021

The victims were brothers

UPDATE, 1/3/22: The two men who died have been identified as George Oquendo, 28, and Jerry Oquendo, 27, both of North Kingstown. No one has been charged.

Two men died and a third was treated after all three overdosed at a home in East Greenwich Sunday evening. East Greenwich police and fire departments were called to the house at around 9:45 p.m. after getting a report about multiple overdoses. Upon arrival, there were three men in various states of unconsciousness. EGFD called for backup rescue units at that point. One man was unresponsive; EMTs administered several doses of Narcan and performed CPR. The two other men became unresponsive while EMTs worked on the first man. All three men required CPR. They were taken to Kent Hospital where one of the men was pronounced dead. A second man, brother to the deceased man, died Wednesday. 

The third man was treated and is expected to survive. The names of those who died have not been released. The three men, all in their 20s, lived in East Greenwich, North Kingstown and Coventry respectively. The incident is under investigation. 

According to both police and fire officials, this was a singular event for East Greenwich. State Department of Health statistics do not give specific numbers of overdose deaths below five. East Greenwich, in the years 2018 to 2020, had were fewer than five overdose deaths in each of those years. One firefighter said this was the only time in 20 years of service that he had been at a scene where there were three people who needed CPR for overdoses simultaneously.

Our condolences to the family of the brothers who died.

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  1. Christopher Rennick

    What a waste of life. We have lost 100k lives to fentanyl/OD this year alone as it floods over our southern border. Simple cause and effect. More the border stays open the, the more Americans die. This isn’t something we can just shut off like Prescriptions. Somebody better wake up the sick “Woke” Half of this country or we are all doomed. It’s Also a national security issue as it’s all coming from China.

    • Heather

      What an incredibly ignorant response to a tragic report

    • Steve

      I totally agree, I’ve lost a loved one to the cheap Chinese synthetic poison, that’s destroying our young generation!

      • Someone near

        Sorry to inform you that his is life was not a waste, his death is tragic. He was a good man and loved his family and a hard worker. Shame on you for saying harsh words after a devastating loss. Maybe know all the facts before judgment of someone’s life. Only GOD can judge. Choose your words wisely before making such comments that family, friends will read.

    • A mom

      My God ! Parents have to burying TWO of their children!!! As a mom I can’t fathom it and some of all y’all have to comment on is the left vs right and the border !!
      A simple I’m so sorry for your very tragic loss . My condolences . Something along those lines is all that needs be said


      amen to that

  2. Heidi

    Agree w Christopher 100%. Nothing ignorant about what he said. The problem has been engineered by the string pullers of society. Close the borders again and tragic occurrences like these will stop.

    • Jeanette

      Closing the borders doesn’t help. Most illegal drugs come through our ports on container ships.
      The most tragic thing is that fentanyl gives the drug users SUCH a high, that they actually want it.
      They actually request fentanyl and I have friends who are EMTs who say that when they revive overdose cases with Narcan, the patient actually gets angry that they were brought back, because they were so high… Very sad.


      amen to that. biden’s wide open border policy sure ain’t helping matters

  3. T

    This is not a boarder issue.

    It’s a fundamental issue- if the people of this country were more family focused and not self absorbed- OUR CULTURE would not be going in this direction.

    It is our fault for not raising stronger individuals and not supporting each other. Ppl say all the time, my kid can’t do this or that! Sure I couldn’t do a lot of people told me that, but I was taught “can’t” isn’t part of my vocabulary-
    But right now I can’t!

    How about stop blaming people and go home and work on your family?

    This is from a child of AA and NA parents- whose father just died….

    It’s sad, people trying to change things within them they can’t fix, inside them self- pain anger resentment.

    By making this about immigration, when if u watch the news and streets we make these drugs here! FET a man made drug- it’s not immigration and this ignorance takes away from the severity of the opioid epidemic- which is a PHARMACEUTICAL FUNDED EPIDEMIC- fet, one of these synthetic drugs like Methadone- are more difficult for people to get off because they are unnatural.

    Who do you think you help blaming people from other countries?

  4. Angel

    The fact I am family to the ones who actually didn’t make it as I read it sickens me …. let’s be more considerate to the family grieving and keep your stupid ass political opinions out of these comments … a simple positive message or condolence will do if not keep it moving! Simple

    • Elizabeth McNamara

      So sorry for your loss.

  5. Erica

    Sorry to the brothers family for such a tragic loss. Hopeful for the 3rd young man that survived to get the help that he needs. My heart & prayers go out to all who are grieving!🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽


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