Friday morning, Dec. 21, a Cresthill Drive resident told police two cars were stolen from their driveway sometime overnight. This followed a call at 4:45 a.m. from a resident of the nearby Pricewood Drive that there was a suspicious dark-colored SUV at the end of his driveway. The man told police he saw someone get out of the passenger side of the car, walk up his driveway and start looking in the car parked there. The resident turned on his outside house lights and the suspect ran back to the waiting car, which then pulled away.

Police searched the area for the suspect SUV and found it parked on Cresthill Drive, unoccupied. It had Connecticut plates; a registration check showed it had been stolen out of West Haven, Conn. It was at the point that the Cresthill Drive resident contacted police to report the two stolen cars. Police are investigating whether or not these incidents are related to car breaks that took place earlier that night in Warwick just north of Division Street.