Praise for Public Works Department

Dear Editor,

When things go wrong, I, most likely, will be one of the first to complain. On the flip side, however, when things go right I feel it is equally important to make sure that the people doing the right thing be recognized.

Just recently I had occasion to call the Town of East Greenwich Department of Public Works for help with a problem. In a short time, they responded and did a great job to ensure that the predicted heavy rain would have a path to go on come this Thursday and Friday.

I want to thank Bill Pagliarini for the excellent job he did and for Audrey and Mary at DPW Headquarters for their help.

It was a page out of old town EG here in 2017. Great job all!

Bruce R. Mastracchio


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  1. Bruce is absolutely right. We don’t recognize others – especially town staff – when they go above and beyond.
    I have had numerous dealings with the public works dept over the 50+ years that I’ve lived and worked in town.
    Audrey and Mary have been extremely helpful to me year in and year out. Whether it’s getting a building permit for work on my house or a job, Transfer station permits or following up with the trash collection guys when something gets missed on a pickup.

    In the fall the town website posted “Free Compost Bins” – I was slow to call and when I did all the bins were spoken for so Audrey put me on the waiting list. A week later she called and said a few people didn’t pick theirs up so if I came in the next couple days I could have one.
    Great Service

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