Tom Brady may still own #12, but the employees of the Town Clerk’s office have their own special numbers.

Like #22. That’s the number of years Nancy Phillips has worked for the town (in the Parks & Rec Department before joining the Town Clerk’s office five years ago).

And #13. That’s the number of years Elaine Vespia, the town canvasser, has worked in the Town Clerk’s office.

Town Clerk office employees Nancy Phillips, Dianne Potter, Sherri Dunwoody, Leigh Carney and Elaine Vespia.

Deputy Town Clerk Dianne Potter  – #19 – handles the probate court and fills in as Town Clerk as needed.

The newest member of the Town Clerk staff is Sherri Dunwoody, #2, She’s the first person you see when you come to the counter at the Town Clerk’s office.

Town Clerk Leigh Carney is lucky #10. The numbers were Carney’s idea over the summer, to celebrate what she calls her team. She had t-shirts made up with the town crest on the front and each employee’s name and special number.

The Town Clerk’s office handles birth certificates, marriage licenses and death certificates. They also handle voter registration and elections, probate court, land use records, even dog licenses.

“People come in for life,” said Carney.

– Elizabeth F. McNamara

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